A Black Forest Gathering Place

Black Forest Brewing Company began with a love for the forest and a passion for brewing. Nothing brings us more joy than being able to foster a sense of community, and we are proud to be a truly local brewery where you can bring your whole family to enjoy new things around familiar faces. Here, you’ll find pieces of Black Forest in everything that we do—whether it’s from our bar shelves, made from reclaimed wood from the Black Forest Fire, or from the local ingredients in our brews that we get from local farmers and businesses. We are proud to call the forest home, and we invite you to gather with us.

Our Story

Traveling the world in the United States Airforce, my family and I experienced so many amazing cultures, tastes, and people: many pieces of which you’ll find within the walls of our Brewery. What we later found out, however, was that the constant relocating never allowed us to truly get involved with a physical community. By the time we developed friendships or found a local place that we all enjoyed, it was time to move on. So, when it came time for my wife and I to retire (after having a combined 45+ years in the service), we knew that Colorado would be the place to put our roots down, especially as this had been the state where we met and married. During that time, I had been a young lieutenant at Peterson Airforce Base, right here in Colorado Springs, and that was the first time where I tried my hand at craft brewing. Colorado had always seemed to be where passions began and love started for me and my family. When we decided to go forward with opening a brewery, we fell in love with Black Forest. Now, almost two decades since I first brewed, Black Forest Brewing Company has become a place where I can combine everything that I appreciate about craft brewing, traveling, and community. I wanted to create a place that was not just about great beer, but about great company as well. So, next time you’re in the forest, we invite you to come gather with us. Come see what Black Forest has to offer and enjoy local brews from local businesses. We are proud to be your Black Forest Gathering Place. Read more about us in the Gazette!
Black Forest Brewery

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